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So you want to create a message that moves the masses?

Well, how do you create a presentation that allows you to sell from a live or virtual stage that engages, connects and converts?

After doing over 3,400 presentations over the course of 15 years while being mentored by Tony Robbins…I came up with a few things that allowed me to sell $100M and will help you with your next or first talk.


A Dynamic Opening

If you can’t engage them in the first 2 minutes and let them know what this is and why it is relevant to them you will lose them before you even begin.

A Personal Story that Connects

This is not to give a detailed personal history about yourself.  Remember your story is not about you.  Your story should connect you to your audience, increase the Know,  Like, Trust factor, as well as take the audience on an entertaining journey, while creating context for your talk, and also positions you as an expert.  

Realize this…Any expert your follow and admire (even Tony Robbins), really just has about 30 pieces of content and about 30 stories they use to create context for their content.  Get one story down, and share it everywhere.

Killer Content

Your audience wants to see your Signature System.  You content section is where you actually teach.  Most folks give too many tactics or not enough.  You need to give value while putting this into a system that you show them…This gets them bought into your process without over teaching and sets up the sale.


Often when I critique speakers its like they are 2 different people.  The passionate person teaching, then tight awkward person selling.  You need to transition to your offer in a way that seamlessly sets up the offer and realigns them with the GAP in their life that your solution provides.


You have to present your value proposition in a way that makes people want it.  This must be clarity and certainty.  Tension and release. Push and Pull.  This is where you get the literal buy in to the GAP you have created in your content.

Call to action

You have to ask for the next step.  By now you have seeded your offer/or next step.   You have created agreements, commitments, and sold the payoff not the process.  This is really about completion. The CTA must be framed in their best interest and commit folks at a high level.

There is a lot more to it than this…. Unless you want to sound like everyone else.


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